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Lychnostatis Folklore Museum

The Lychnostatis Folklore Museum was founded in 1992 by the doctor and collector George Makrakis. The buildings themselves are some of the main exhibits as they were built thoroughly with the prevalent raw materials (stone-wood-clay). No bulldozers, excavators or other mechanical means have been used in the construction.

The collections are broad in scope, from agricultural implements to embroideries and from herbs to rhymes. The approach is by no means intellectual; all exhibits are left to speak for themselves, and visitors are allowed to touch objects and encouraged to smell and taste the various plants, fruits and products of the museum.

Compatible to this both emotional and hospitable atmosphere, it is the museum's policy to welcome with a free admission all visitors who come for a second visit. Free guided tours are available every hour in English, Deutsch, Dutch (also French on request) to provide accurate information to the large number of tourists who visit the museum.